Pavane… [ Miniature et miroir ]

Aurélie Berland


Aurélie Berland


Pavane miniature

Aurélie Berland

Pavane miroir

Claire Malchrowicz

Louise Hakim

Lola Atger

Original music

Marc Baron un salon au fond d’un lac


Manuella Rondeau


Manuela Ribeiro

©Patrick Berger



José Limon, a choreographic giant of the last century, has always been in very high demand for his technique. And yet we never get to see his choreographed works. Fascinated by LA PAVANE DU MAURE, a 1949 masterpiece, Aurélie Berland decided to change all that. A specialist of dance notation, she first reduced this quartet to a solo to dissect her comprehension of it. Now she reconstitutes it for four female dancers. In the process, the score itself becomes an object of memory. We might call it a “trans-conduction”: ceasing to be a fixed grid, the score becomes a tool of shared creation. The dialogue between work and historical period resumes. And Limon’s dance enraptures us thanks to the anchoring of its volutes which transcend the body in its entirety.



Production Compagnie Gramma-

Coproduction micadanses-ADDP • CDC Atelier de Paris • Collectif 12 • CCN de Tours, direction Thomas Lebrun (accueil studio) • Service culturel de La Norville

Supports Association Beaumarchais, SACD (aide à l’écriture, à la résidence et à la production) • DRAC Île-de- France (aide au projet) • ADAMI

Residences with support CDC Atelier de Paris • Service culturel de La Norville • CND, centre d’art pour la danse (mise à disposition de studio)