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Teachers, educators, animators, members of associations ... Let’s build together your spectator trails. The team of public relations is at your disposal to compose courses as close as you want.

Throughout the year, the Atelier de Paris proposes artistic projects in schools, associations, cultural (libraries or conservatories) and in hospitals, but also in complicit partners.

in the school
The Atelier de Paris conducts choreographic activities throughout the school year with artists in residence, for long-term projects:

- For the primaries
The CDCN conducts three dance workshops each week in 2 elementary schools in the 12th arrondissement (Marsoulan and La Brèche aux Loups schools). They allow children to discover and practice choreographic art through the experience of body and movement.

Classes with artistic and cultural projects (at PAC) are also offered in schools, notably thanks to the support of the Paris Rectorate:
at the Ecole de La Breche aux Loups (Paris 12th), the Ecole Marsoulan (Paris 12th), the Ecole élémentaire Cavaignac (Paris 11th), the Ecole Joseph de Maistre (Paris 18th) Foncin Paris 20th)
(projects subject to confirmation).

- For college students
The CDCN also collaborates with the teaching teams in the colleges thanks to the L’Art pour Growing scheme set up by the city of Paris and thus conducts artists residencies in Parisian colleges. Nadia Vadori-Gauthier is in residence at the college Germaine Tillion in the 12th. Liz Santoro and Pierre Godard are in residence at the Collège Moulin des Prés in the 13th.

–For high school students
Territorial artistic and cultural residence. For the first year, the Atelier de Paris is conducting an artistic and cultural territorial residency in schools thanks to the support of the DRAC Île-de-France and the Rectorat de Paris. She will be led by choreographer Raphaëlle Delaunay at Lycée Jean Lurçat, in the 13th arrondissement. Artistic workshops or classes with an artistic and cultural project (at PAC) are also offered in the lycées, notably thanks to the support of the rectorships and the Alycce system of the Ile-de-France region: at Lycée Charlemagne (4th) with Raphaëlle Delaunay , at the Lycée Edmond Michelet (91) with Aurélie Berland, at the Lycée Louise Michel (94) with Claire Jenny, at the Lycée Charles de Gaulle (93) with Tomeo Vergès and Claire Jenny subject to confirmation).

Extend your seasonal trails with the «Parcours Cartoucherie». This season, the Atelier de Paris / CDCN, Théâtre de la Tempête, Théâtre de l’Aquarium and Théâtre du Soleil have co-built «Parcours Cartoucherie». Because it is a unique and historical place of theater and dance factory. Because creation and the living arts are at the heart of our projects. Because each of the scenes that compose it has a strong identity. The public relations teams at the Cartoucherie propose you to explore the artistic paths through dance, theater and practice workshops, and take you to the heart of their places to see the other side of the stage, visit the theaters and to meet the artistic, administrative and technical teams that make them live.

to the hospital
For the fifth year, the CDCN and the Center des Murets (Val-de-Marne) are partnering to offer artistic workshops jointly led by dancer Alvaro Morell and photographer Patrick Berger. They aim at discovering and practicing choreographic art for patients, to give them a new experience in the approach of the body and the movement, but also to offer them cultural outings and to combat situations of social rupture.

for the actors of the artistic and cultural education ...
Artists, teachers, REVs, caregivers, etc. The CDCN offers a series of meetings, sharing and training sessions for the various actors involved in the artistic and cultural education programs of the season. They are led by Claire Jenny who artistically coordinates the entire EAC within the CSCN.
Atelier de Paris Weeks from 27 November to 1 December, 5 to 9 February and 2 to 6 May.

Partners in our actions in Paris and Île-de-France:
- Elementary School Marsoulan (Paris 12ème)
- Elementary school La Brèche aux loups (Paris 12ème)
- Collège Germaine Tillion (Paris 12ème)
- Lycée Charlemagne (Paris 4th)
- Elementary school Godefroy Cavaignac (Paris 11ème)
- Collège Moulin des Près (Paris 13th district)
- Lycée Jean Lurçat (Paris 13th)
- Joseph de Maistre School (Paris 18th)
- Pierre Foncin Elementary School (Paris 20th)
- Lycée Charles de Gaulle in Rosny-sous-Bois (93)
- Lycée Edmond Michelet in Arpajon (91)
- Microlycé of Vitry-sur-Seine (94)
- Lycée Louise Michel in Champigny-sur-Marne (94)
- Hôpital des Murets with the Tail in Brie (94)
- Media library Hélène Berr (Paris 12ème)
- Municipal Conservatory W.A. Mozart (Paris 1er)
- Conservatory of Vincennes (94)

The projects detailed here are only part of what is being proposed throughout the year. Do not hesitate to contact the public relations department for the creation or the development of a project in your establishment: 01 417 417 07