Dancing at Atelier


new! for adults

Whether you practice dance or not, these discovery workshops are open to everyone and invite you to discover the world of programmed shows. Workshops led by Blandine Minot, Cécile Brousse and Milena Gilabert.
Saturdays :
7 October - 11 November - 2 December - 10 February - 17 March - 7 April
At the Atelier de Paris
From 3:30 pm to 7:30 pm
Package 6 workshops: 150 €

for the inhabitants of the 12th
Free participatory project around Nadia Vadori Gauthier’s Dance Minutes.
An act of poetic resistance since the Charlie-Hebdo attacks, Nadia Vadori-Gauthier danced a minute and a few every day, in the states and places in which she was, and posted it online the same day. In residence Art to grow at the college Germaine Tillion, she will invite the residents of the borough to enter this process.

in family

parent-child workshops
Form your duo! Come and discover and enjoy the pleasure of dancing, which allows to open a space of creativity by alternating the tonic moments, the rhythm games and the times of silence. These workshops will lead you to resonate with a music, a space and to play with the contact of the other to know differently. Workshops conducted by Blandine Minot and Milena Gilabert.

Saturdays: 30 September - 21 October - 11 November - 16 December - 13 January - 10 February - 17 March - 7 April
- For 2 to 3 years: 10 am to 11 am
- For the 4 - 6 years: 13h30 to 15h
- For the 6-8 years old: 11h15 to 12h45
At the Atelier de Paris
Binomial package:
- 8 sessions of 1 hour (for 2 - 3 years) 92 €
- 8 sessions of 1h30 (for the 4 - 6 years and the 6 - 8 years) 136 €

for kids

7 to 10 years old dance workshop «Fingers in the water: a little story about the bath to get wet a bit.»
Around the show young audience The bath of Gaëlle Bourges.
Starting from a series of pictures presenting bathing (list provided in advance), the children or pre-adolescents can stage, in groups of three, the image of their choice, with reinforcement of dolls, animals in plastic and miniature water basins, cardboard trees, etc. The manipulation of the figurines and objects will give rise to the creation of a choreographed score of actions, which young people will have to be able to reproduce to make appear the chosen scene. Each small group will give to see its «scene» in front of the whole group. A photograph will come to perpetuate the bath scene made by each trio. A way to enter the history of art by getting wet a bit.
Workshop led by Julie Vuoso.
From 19 to 23 February from 10 am to 4 pm
At the Paris Anim ‘Center Montgallet, Paris 12th
Price according to family quotient:
from 54,5 € to 65, 4 €
(picnic to bring)
Registration open from 22 January