Le Bain

Gaëlle Bourges

Conception and story
Gaëlle Bourges
Helen Heraud
Noémie Makota
Julie Vuoso
Musical creation
Stéphane Monteiro alias XTRONIK
Abigail Fowler

Thu 29 to Sat 31 Mar

Thu 14:30

Fri 10 am

Sat 5 pm


Estimated time

45 min




8 € to 15 € — Discovery Pass 12 €



Young audiences ages 6 and up

©Clouet Diane au bain musée beaux arts de Tours 


Gaëlle Bourges makes art history feel like breaking news. On stage, the dancers’ postures bring to mind old paintings. And a story is spread across it, grabbing the imagination. A story that moves forward through digressions and associations. Nothing about the order of the performance is obvious or “natural.” Rather it is serious, incisive and often joyful. The scenes show bodies which command our gaze – wise or profane, ancient or contemporary. A whole discourse flows from it that is anything but neutral. What does pictorial history and the theories that comment it convey? What bodies are built in such a way? According to which points of view? Feminist, post-feminist and post-colonial criticism springs to life through this game. In Le bain, this project takes an unexpected turn. Based on classical masterpieces depicting women in their baths, it addresses younger audiences, this time through discussion of the body. There is nothing provocative about it, but it is not infantilizing either.


coproduction  CCN de Tours • L’échangeur, CDCN Hauts-de-France en partenariat avec le musée des Beaux-Arts de Tours

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