Joanne Leighton


Chorégraphy and direction
Joanne Leighton
Creation in collaboration and with
Lauren Bolze
Marion Carriau
Alexandre Da Silva
Yannick Hugron
Sabine Rivière
Bi-Jia Yang
Marie Fonte
Sylvie Mélis
Costumes et Scénography
Alexandra Bertaut
Music and sound installation
Peter Crosbie
General manager
François Blet
Administration, production
Anne Massot
Attached to administration and production
Clémence Durand

Thu 8 to Sat 10 February
8:30 p.m.

Estimated time
1 hour

10 € to 20 € - Discovery pass 12 €

Artist in residence Paris Network Dance
Co-ordination Winter Facts and with the support of Arcadi Île-de-France

As Bruch Chatwin so poignantly described it, the aborigines locate a labyrinth of “singing paths” in the immensities of the Australian continent. Their oral culture, devoid of an alphabet, is poured into walking, singing, dancing, and the pains taken to document, tell and write a story of their community. A civilization was forged by becoming one with nature. The aboriginal myths evoke original totemic characters which roam the environment by singing the name of all they come across. The act of walking is an act of naming. To this day, a well-crafted song can guide the descriptive lines of a path. Joanne Leighton is inspired by these myths in this sextet. Her whole artistic project consists of thinking of the notion of a “site,” even when the latter is a stage – meaning much more than its flat materiality. Songlines tackles dance through the fundamentality of walking, that state in which mind, body and world tend to align. Perhaps this piece cultivates the beginnings of contemporary ritual.

Production WLDN
Coproduction Paris Réseau Danse (CDCN Atelier de Paris, l’Etoile du Nord – Scène conventionnée pour la danse, Micadanses/ADDP et le studio Le Regard du Cygne – AMD XXe) ; le Collectif Essonne Danse ; Theater Freiburg, Museum für Neue Kunst Freiburg ; Le Pacifique - CDCN à Grenoble ; avec le soutien de le Région Ile-de France et d’ARCADI Ile-de-France
WLDN est subventionnée par le ministère de la Culture et de la Communication