The project



Placing education at the heart of its artistic and educational mission, the Atelier de Paris brings together professionals and spectators in a single spirit of sharing and exchange.

For several years, the dance dynamic with which the Atelier has energized the Cartoucherie site, but also Paris more widely, has given it a leading role in the Parisian choreographic scene, as attests its new label as a Center for National Choreographic Development.


  • A practice space for professionals...

Year in and year out, the CDC Atelier de Paris offers an intense space for work and exchange to more than 500 choreographers and dancers from the world over. It also proposes personalized guidance on their professional paths through a program of highly reputed masterclasses
and supports their creative projects and new works through a system of residencies. 

...and largely open to the public

In addition to the highpoint of its yearly program - the early summer festival JUNE EVENTS which occupies the entire Cartoucherie - each season the Atelier de Paris / CDCN organizes approximately sixty events open to the public. It offers performances and regular events (Open studio, Company Days, Immersions...) organized around the teams in rehearsal and the artists invited for masterclasses.

In parallel, the CDC Atelier de Paris continues to develop a program of artistic and cultural events open to all, amateurs and families alike, for children and teens in or outside of school hours.