Liz Santoro

from 29 January to 2 February from 11 am to 5 pm

Individual rate: 200 €




Friday 2 February at 4 pm

free entry by reservation



For more information on enrollment and funding opportunities, please contact us at 01 417 417 07 or


This workshop is about skills. Asking what our bodies capable of doing. Capability not in terms of virtuosity in the traditional dance technique sense but rather, what skills can we discover we possess and what skills can we develop when we shift what we privilege in producing movement? Using practices originating from research developed during the last two creations and inventing practices that continue this research , we will investigate the skill of memory (short term and long term) the skill of precision (personal and group), the skill of performance (the role of the nervous system and the role of attention). A technique class that creates technique.