Choreographed and performed


Wed 20th, Fri 22nd and Sat 23rd dec

Estimated time

30 min

Free admission on reservation on 20 dec. in partnership with the festival 12 * 12 and 100







At first glance, Krump — at the forefront of urban dance today – appears to be a bubbling over of explosive violence. The dancer Nach traces her origins to it. She develops her contemporary perspective by approaching Krump head-on, like a language. Though it involves letting go and combines release with a spirit of protestation, Krump is as much about powerful control over energies. It encourages a return to self. This invented rite is structured by the separateness of each movement, and the dialectic between impulse and impact. The movement draws on a violently expressive charge, emancipated from language. Also rife with Africa and Asian references and interested in flamenco’s duende, Nach announces: “I’m a warrior. I take risks. Day after day, I reinvent myself, I discover, I dare, I don’t bend.” Her solo affirms in the rawest way this personality of a woman who makes no concessions.


coproduction Espace 1789 – scène conventionnée danse, Saint-Ouen • Maison Daniel Féry, Nanterre • Atelier de Paris / CDCN • Théâtre de Fresnes • Cie Heddy Maalem


soutiens Maison des Métallos • Théâtre – scène nationale, Saint-Nazaire • CND, Pantin