Tapis rouge

Nadia Beugré


Choreography and dance
Nadia Beugré
Original music composed and performed
Seb Martel
Adonis Nebié
Artistic and dramatic consultant
Boris Hennion
Technical director and stage design
Erik Houllier
Audio engineer and sound design
Thomas Fernier
Stage manager
Aurélien Menu

Fri. 8 in the dim. 10 december
Fri 8:30 pm, sat. 4 pm and 8.30 pm, sun 16h

Estimated time

12€ to 20€ — Discovery Pass 12€

With the Festival d’Automne in Paris

Red carpets are rolled out under the feet of the powerful. As though they had to be sheltered from the harsh realities of the terrain. Such pomp is no stranger to Africa. But the Ivorian choreographer Nadia Beugré is only too aware of the shared destiny of all those who try to extract even a modicum of resources from the ground, most of which are stolen by a handful of bloodsuckers. The stage of Tapis rouge is anything but a soft carpet. Above this battered ground are stretched a series of ropes, implying acrobatics. Dancing the piece herself alongside the marvelous Burkinabé dancer Adonis Nebié, Nadia Beugré shows an impressive, almost punk-rock temperament. They are joined on stage by European musician Seb Martel for complex and enthralling exchanges. Tapis rouge is a very dense piece. Very representative of a brash new generation of contemporary sub-Saharan African dance.

production déléguée Latitudes Prod.
coproduction Le Vivat, Scène Conventionnée danse et théâtre, Armentières • Musée de la danse, CCN de Rennes • Ballet national de Darmstadt • Festival d’Automne, Paris • Théâtre Garonne, Toulouse • BIT Teatergarasjen, Bergen • La Bâtie, Festival de Genève • Festival Montpellier Danse 2017 • Le Parvis Scène Nationale, Tarbes
coréalisation Atelier de Paris / CDCN • Festival d’Automne à Paris
soutiens DRAC Hauts-de-France • Région Hauts-de-France
soutiens Fonds Transfabrik • fonds franco-allemand pour le spectacle vivant